Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic 550 hp


The Business Special Vehicle Operations, short SVO is responsible for Jaguar Land Rover for the very hot iron. An example is the Range Rover Sport SVR with 550 HP power. Just over a year ago, the "normal", five-meter-long Range Rover became the compressor pet. Now, under the name SVAutobiography Dynamic comes a re-sharpened version.

Monster engine under the hood
, the model designation indicates to this is that special blend in the Super Range Rover. SV designates the sporty part in the form of the five-speed supercharger V8 with 550 hp and 680 newtonmeter torque. In conjunction with the eight-speed automatic, it is only 5.4 seconds to 100 km. Parallel to the chassis was more dynamic tuning. For example, the steering knuckles, the handlebars and the spring / damper packs have been recalibrated. The measures are rounded off by a lowering of eight millimeters and a new steering detection. On the outside, the power range is characterized by graphite-black accents.

Opulence at work
inside comes the luxury behind "Autobiography" used to justify the price of 167,000 euros. Examples are semi-aniline leather seats with quilted diamond pattern or dark wood decor in the dashboard and doors. If you like it even more individual, the car has the choice of 19 additional lacquer colors.