Jumat, 13 Januari 2017

This Yaris comes directly from the WRC


Who of you remembers the last built sharp Toyota Yaris, hand up! Yes, it's eleven years since the Japanese built the cool Yaris TS. But this thirst is now to be ended. Together with the in-house Rennteam Gazoo Racing, Toyota is creating a real performance Yaris.

Rally-entry celebrations
Where is the sudden change of meaning? Well, Toyota returns 2017 with a monstrous Yaris-born-damn many wings, damn a lot of performance - back to the rally world championship WRC. Reason enough to celebrate the return to the royal class with a fast road Yaris. As you can see, the Yaris Gazoo is clearly more civilian than its aggressive rally brother. At the very least, we can look forward to small light alloy rims, a stylish spoiler and a central exhaust. In addition, the sporty little gives a view of the Yaris facelift with new aprons, other headlights and a neat interior.

More than 210 hp
As far as performance is concerned, Toyota promises "more than 210 hp". And even if it were "only" 211 hp at the end, the Yaris Gazoo would still be sufficiently motorized in the competitive environment of Renault Clio R.S., Ford Fiesta ST and Mini John Cooper Works. We hope that a lively turbocharged engine will be fitted with a sporty tuned chassis and a crisp handset. After all, Toyota has already proved with the GT86 that the Japanese know how to build fun cars. More information about the Yaris Gazoo will probably be available at the Geneva car salon in March 2017.