Senin, 13 Februari 2017

Here comes the flight car PAL-V


Raamsdonksveer (Netherlands), February 13th, 2017
The idea is already tempting: Instead of spending a lot of time in the traffic jam every morning and evening, you could simply fly over it. So far, however, there was simply no suitable means of transporting this old dream into action. That changes now: The flight car PAL-V is ready and is soon ready for delivery.

Driving and Flying
The PAL-V is reminiscent of a classic gyrocopter. These aircrafts combine the best features of helicopters and small aircraft. In contrast to conventional gyrocopters, the PAL-V can, however, also participate in public road traffic and should also be quite passable. This is due to the low chassis and carbon chassis. The tricycle is similar to a Carver One or a Can-Am Spyder. The PAL-V is powered by two aviation-certified engines.

From the car to the gyrocopter
To turn the PAL-V from the car to the gyrocopter, just press a button. The rotors and trusses fold out automatically - whether in the company car park or the airfield. Once the aircraft is in the air, it can also float on the spot thanks to a special helicopter-like technique. It can be landed on every airfield and on any private property - as long as a license exists. Thanks to the helicopter technology, landings on one point and takeoffs with a very short start-up are possible. 

The range is okay
By the way: Looking at the range of the PAL-V, the vehicle is quite everyday. In pure driving mode, a consumption of 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers up to 1,315 kilometers with a tank filling is included. The top speed is then 160 km / h. In the air, a maximum speed of 180 km / h is possible, the speed of travel is 140 km / h. The PAL-V can stay in the air for around four hours or 500 kilometers. That is enough, for example, for the flight from Munich to Florence. The car copter weighs approximately 665 kilograms, the maximum take-off weight can still be 250 kilos - for a maximum of two passengers more than enough.

There are two hooks
Does everything look way too beautiful to be true? Well, there are two small hooks for the PAL-V. The first is that you need a pilot license to operate the flight car. The second catch is the price: 499,000 dollars - which amounts to about 470,000 euros - are due in an order. But we can see it positively: the airspace is not as soon as the roads are blocked. In addition, later a "sports" version of the PAL-V will follow, which will be nearly 200,000 euros cheaper.