Rabu, 28 Desember 2016

This makes the old M-Class sportier


The tuner Piecha from Rottweil on the Neckar has specialized in Mercedes and Jaguar, especially the open and sportier models. Now company boss Marcus Piecha has once adopted a SUV model and developed a styling for the M-Class (series ML 164) built up to 2011.

Diffuser also for trailer operation
For a fresh face, a set with other spoiled corners and integrated LED daytime driving lights (495 euros). A further highlight are the aluminum wheels with highly polished stainless steel beds. The enormous dimensions are 10 and 11.5 x 22 inches (rate about 2,300 euros). The best, however, according to Piecha is the striking diffuser (485 euros) for the rear. It is designed so that the M-Class can continue to be used to pull a trailer. This harmonizes the conversion kit (398 euros) for the exhaust, which is simply screwed onto the original rear muffler. The LED sill light for 298 euros offers a surprise effect when getting out. The attachments fit all vehicles built after the facelift of September 2009 and, as a rule, also for the technically related old GL class of the X164 series.

Better sound, higher performance and more
A sound module ensures a better sound. The technicians can also achieve a better response of the motor in all drives. Various performance enhancements are also available. For more recent vehicles (from September 2012) Piecha also supplies sporty suspension springs (238 euros), which reduce the center of gravity by three centimeters. Track extensions of 24 or 30 millimeters per axle (two-set 91 euros and 97 euros respectively) are also offered. A lowering module is also available for vehicles with air suspension (€ 1,535).