Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Range Rover Evoque Convertible in the first test


Courchevel (France), March 21, 2016
As a rule, cars are designed so that they give as much sense as many buyers. Then there are cars, which for very clearly less buyers at least make any sense. And then there is the new Range Rover Evoque Cabrio. Yes, Land Rover has stolen the roof from the hippest, trendiest and coolest SUV to achieve a sense of hipness, trend and coolness that has not been thought possible in this world. If you do not need the perfect tanning while you are looking at biomedicals, schools and social media meetings (or Barbie and still looking for a hands-on car for your next romantic picnic), you have no reason at all for this Car to buy. But probably you have fallen in love with this soft-wheel bathtub at first sight and the pitiful facts are most important to you.

A roof as a mountain
So it was up to you then by the way - not surprisingly - as very many other people. The open Evoque has already been pre-ordered 1,500 times since November. Without seeing, without driving. In Germany he is to drive up the already grandiose Evoque figures by about 15 percent. Why does this work? Maybe because luxurious Land Rover just pull better than Facebook videos with cat babies. And because the Evoque Cabrio - except for the small, black and apparently necessary "attaching spoiler" at the rear - looks really coherent. The Webasto fabric roof holds the honorable title "the longest and widest convertible top in the market" (let's see what the new S-Class Convertible says) and pushes backwards in a refined Z-fold to achieve an absolutely flush conclusion with the rest Tail. The folding itself takes 18 (up) or 21 seconds (too) and can be carried out up to 48 km / h.

Place still passable
With so insane amount of roof that indeed needs to go somewhere, inevitably raises the question of the trunk. With 251 liters plus ski passes, this is actually halfway passable. In the rear Land Rover promises the same dimensions as the Evoque Coupé. Translated, that means: Quite little on fairly steep backrests. If it comes to the head, two elegantly integrated aluminum struts shoot from behind the rear bench within 90 milliseconds. They do not expressly do so when you go on the road with the Evoque Cabrio. So do not worry if you hang in a hill with a maximum of 35 degrees of lateral inclination, the roll-over bomb explosion should be avoided.

Offroad impressive
And thus we were already at a big fat USP of this with unique features only so throwing around Gefährts. Yes, the Evoque Cabrio can be off-road. Remarkably good even. You get the complete armada at Land Rover's excellent terrain technique. This basically includes all-wheel drive (which changes to front-wheel drive under normal conditions), the terrain response control for various rough terrain, the calf-sensing system for water passages up to 500 millimeters, and the all-terrain progress control with Bergan- and - Driving assistance. On a snow-capped slope with all sorts of common obstacles (inclination, steep ramps, considerable interlacing), the top-without-Evoque drew blindingly out of the affair. I also demonstrated the stiffness of the car, in which, with full entanglement and too many tires in the air, all doors and the convertible top were opened and closed without problems. Impressive stuff. If you do not get offroad anyway, then it is probably not because of the technique, but by the fact that you were killed by flying rocks or a branch hanging down.

Good risen
Which brings me to the main down side of airy SUVs because the extensive stiffening measures make the Evoque Convertible into a very nice plump. Nearly two tonnes are ultimately on the scale with the top diesel. Compared to the Coupé, this is a good 250 kw solar charge. In the tasks of daily life one does not notice too much. The Evoque Cabrio likes short strokes not so much, but otherwise very comfortable. In addition, it is absolutely stiff, does not bend or sends disturbing vibrations to the steering wheel. And thanks to the all-wheel drive as well as the torque-vectoring function, which decelerates the curving wheel to reduce lowering, you are always on the neutral, traction-strong side.

Sporty is a bit different
so a whole lot of fun curve does not bring anything of course. In the corners and with the somewhat soft brake you notice the extra kilos. The steering is quite direct, but largely free of feeling. An acceleration miracle is the car with the 180-horsepower Ingenium diesel driven by me also not necessarily. In 10.3 seconds it goes from 0 to 100 km / h, the top speed is 195 km / h. The alternatives are the same diesel with 150 hp (which could be really tough) as well as a two-liter turbo-gasoline engine with 240 hp, which accelerates to 100 km / h and 209 km / h in 8.6 seconds. In both cases, a Neungang automatic takes over the switch. It makes this very soft, but gets more and more tangled with a faster ride. It is certainly not dramatically dramatic, because the Evoque convertible is not a car with which one wants to thresh wildly around the curve. His character is more of a relaxed cruiser. So I would also recommend the stronger diesel, because with its 430 Newtonmeter always has a bunch of usable torque in petto and with Officially 5.7 liter Obendrein consumes almost three liters less than the gasoline.

That can only go well
it turns to be the question of the meaning of the whole exercise. The funny thing is, the Evoque Convertible considers the answer to be absolutely unimportant and it will endure extremely smoothly. Simply, because there is currently nothing comparable. Nissan had once undertaken the rather gruesome attempt to cut his Murano. The legend says that everyone who had to see him was blinded for the next ten minutes. Fortunately, he never managed to get over the big pond. At the Evoque the cold cuts. The sexy genes were successfully rescued by the coupe and the five-door. And the rest is in principle self-explanatory. Almost everyone wants to sit high now. The whole thing still in the mix with fresh air, unfiltered sun, the possibility to pack three companions (two of them are hopefully quite petite) and approaching a luggage compartment sleigh, we have a cars dream scenario for a wide mass of people.

Expensive? So what! 
According to the Evoque Marketing Department, the company also has ample resources, as the "world's first SUV convertible of the luxury compact class" comes exclusively in the two top equipment SE Dynamic and HSE Dynamic. This means prices from 51.200 Euro for the TD4 diesel with 150 hp. The recommended 180 hp diesel starts at 54,100 euros, the gasoline at 55,100 euros. There are also leather seats, 18-inch, Jaguar-Land-Rovers new and much improved 10.2-inch infotainment system, parking aids and a sound system. The price well over 60,000 euros to lift, is thanks to numerous comfort extras but also no problem. Is it worth it? Hard to say and that does not matter. The Range Rover Evoque Cabrio is attractive, it is high, it is half-practical and you will not be stuck with it anywhere. It will sell like oven-fresh pasta. And not just where Barbie lives. Market launch is 2016. June 4