Senin, 30 Januari 2017

BMW M4 with extreme wide body and Participate blessing


You are not a global first - the extreme wide body kit from Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny or roughness Weltbegriff - but in Germany you see the striking widebody vehicles hitherto rather rare. Reason for this should be the favorite authority of all drivers: the TÜV. Now, however, two companies from Bergheim have fitted a BMW M4 with such a body kit and missed all the important public authority blessing.

Liberty Walk kit
as the basis for the fire-red mobile game a BMW M4 serves with 431 PS and 550 Nm of torque. The Bavarian sportsman helped JM Cardesign and the paint company Mau to a really extreme appearance with the help of a Liberty walk kits. At the center of the conversion are the riveted fender extensions as well as the Spoilerschwert at the front and the side skirts. The mudguards grew so wide that now on the rear axle are mounted 325er tires. A Hamann wing and an Akrapovic exhaust system with carbon diffuser were also installed at the rear.

Forged alloy wheels are unique
A special eye-catcher are specially made for the wide body M4 forged rims. The individual pieces were color-coded: the stars shine in the body red of the M4 and the wide beds are wrapped in a matte black. Due to the 20-inch wheels, which are exactly matched to the wide-body construction, no wheel spacers have been necessary, the rims are perfect with the wheel arches. A KW coilover with north-loop setup ensures an even more sporty road position of the Liberty-Walk-M4. It is not to be taken for granted and therefore explicitly stated that the conspicuous conversion could be registered 100 per cent in the vehicle papers and is therefore completely legal on German roads. Hats off!