Minggu, 29 Januari 2017

New Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid in the test


As you all know - at least, if you have read in recent months Newspapers -, diesel is virtually dead as a doornail. I do not really want to sign it. With the powerful V8 self-ignition in the new Panamera 4S Diesel, Porsche has already thrown some quite convincing arguments for oily savings. Nevertheless, it is clear that the future is electric. And also a sports car manufacturer like Porsche has every right to arm themselves. You're doing it there quite a while. In the new Panamera 4 E-Hybrid the second plug-in generation debuts "Made in Zuffenhausen". And even if those responsible are not tired of emphasizing that hybrid has always been a part of Porsche at Porsche, it should be clear that this partial electric luxury limousine communicates with all the bookkeepers and environmental activists, who are inside you. The asphalt-massaging adrenaline junkie, on the other hand, should be somewhat less appealing.

It's that fast green
Whereby the sea sheet may well inspire even experienced driver. Even the last Panamera generation had a plug-in hybrid, but the new strikes the old one in all matters. And indeed windsweich. This is mainly due to the completely redesigned drive, an electrically assisted 2.9-liter Biturbo-V6 with a system performance of 462 hp and 700 Newtonmeter of torque, whose total power is already at 1,100 tours. The predecessor had to manage with 416 HP and 590 Newtonmeter. The 0-100 km / h time falls from not very weak 5.5 to quite impressive 4.6 seconds, the top speed increases to 278 km / h. Rarely one would have flown faster in the direction of the green conscience. And all this at a consumption of 2.5 liters. At least, if one is familiar with the official data (which should not be done as in most cases). Purely electrically now instead of hitherto 36 to 50 kilometers in it be, whereby this value in everyday life with caution is to be enjoyed. The top speed in E-mode is 140 km / h, so here is now also a bit more than before. In this case the gratitude is due to the 136 purely electric horse, while the old Panamera only allowed 95 E-horses to gallop.

Amazingly low
you will see: In everything that can be measured somehow, the new one is much better. In view of its novelty, this is not too surprising. The almost radical price fall is really astounding. The Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is not only a good 3,000 euros cheaper than its predecessor, it is also (at least up to the 330-hp base gasoline strikes) the by far the cheapest Panamera you can buy at the moment. The 4S underbids it by almost 5.500 euros, the 4S Diesel even by almost 9.500 euros. Despite an additional power of 22 and 40 hp respectively. Well, do you slowly enter into pondering?

Purely electrically a blessing
I do not blame you. Where, first drive, the good e-battleship. The impressions after the first major test round: quite a bit ambiguous. It is basically a matter of pure electric E-mode, which proved to be absolutely great precisely during the morning bout through the capital of the city of Kapstadt (that Porsche sunk the sun-worshiping group of journalists to the demonstration of its most sustainable model at the end of Africa, just over 10,000 kilometers away) Puncto "CO2 footprint" maybe something ... uhm ... dared). Tesla-typical accelerators should not necessarily expect them (0-60 km / h in 5.7 seconds), but there is an almost sensual rest in the noble Panamera pulpit. This is really formidable for inner-city swimming and relaxed cruising on the country road.

Seamless transition
Turn in the hybrid mode and it is not long until the V6 announces lewd and somewhat kreischig say. I could also try out the optional sports exhaust system. Here it booms significantly more stiff and in the sports modes ploppt and bangs it almost already too frequent from the four round tailpipes. Overall, maybe a bit too draufgängerisch for a luxury limo with an "E" on the license plate. However, the transition from electric to hybrid passes seamlessly and seamlessly. The eight-speed dual clutch works like any boss wants: extremely fast, unobtrusive and wise. Most of the time at least. Because this gear "learns". Say: If you do your hybrid Panamera a few times neat, then the automatic assumes that you now desire to have sporty driving and turns the gears higher and longer. What can be a bit annoying in the hybrid mode with normal driving. After all, there is still "Sport" and "Sport Plus", if the gentle handling of the resources racksangen.

Powerful early mighty strong
a bit but the problem is: Properly take last groove and with the knife between his teeth, is not necessarily what the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid really likes to do. Do not misunderstand, he already pushes from very far down very very broad-shouldered to the front and when you look at the speedometer, then you probably look pretty stupid from the laundry (the numbers are usually very large); Nevertheless, one of these cars does not give the desire for sporty driving necessarily with the very large spoon. This is due to the fact that the V6 biturbo electric combi will not enter into the annals as a mega-charismatic, with all the vehemence, ie, to surf on the powerful torque shaft in the medium speed range, is much more natural here than constantly in the Red area. And on the other hand, this is just a pretty heavy car with all the dynamic excellence of the new Panamera chassis. 320 (!) Kilo heavier than a Panamera 4, to be exact.

More of Cruiser
During the E-Hybrid So with plenty of bite and unwavering-wheel-traction plowing through fast, uniform driven curves, it lacks a bit of steering feel and a certain playful ease to which the other Panameras despite its scope quite capable are. Let's be honest, the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is more cruiser than precision engine. To take it really hard, contradicts the lettering on its rear lid anyway. Therefore, a small tip: Relax, let the standard aerial drive conjure up, go with all your senses in the still breathtakingly beautiful cockpit (and all the cool new electric displays) and leave the world sober and frightening fast To you. Probably this is nowhere better than in this car.

A bit of head over heart
is the big question: Is the new 4 E-Hybrid Panamera, which you have to seriously consider taking into account all factors into consideration? The answer is not so easy, because it depends quite heavily on your driving preferences. With the new Einpreisung and also in reality quite remarkable consumption - a relatively everyday mix of city, highway and highway with two, three trips into the red area, according to my computer 5.9 liters - should be the case for the cool computers actually be clear. Mainly because a new V6 diesel - in the predecessor by far the most sold model is still not in sight. If you are part of this group or you just like to find a progressive luxury limousine that embodies a greener image, you should be able to get rid of the slight dynamic disadvantages. So we really have to deal with a Porsche, where the head decides and then the heart. And only that is clear: This is a purely Porsche-internal head-heart dilemma. The Panamera also drives as a hybrid significantly more sportily than 98 percent of the competition without an e-backpack. Within the Panamera series, however, he is clearly the pragmatist. If you do not like this attitude, they may be better off with the agile 4S, the powerful 4S diesel or the barbaric turbo.