Rabu, 18 Januari 2017

Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV in the long run


510 hp, rear drive, 3.9 seconds to 100 km / h, very much carbon - Alfa is back. The "new" Ferrari-Alfa, which is so much better than the "old" Fiat-Alfa. Of course there is the new Giulia not only as a M3-fuming 300 km / h steam hammer, also quite ordinary diesel with at least 136 HP are on board. Also they are light, rear-wheel-driven and really good. However, not everyone wants a 4.65 meter long limousine in the driveway. For all of them: The Alfa-moderate, what you get off the new Giulia from Alfa is the "old", front-wheel-drive compact sportswoman Gulietta QV (the small, ravishingly beautiful carbon fiber sportsman 4C gets you with only luck and a year and a half delivery time , that does not count).

Engine, transmission, consumption
After all, there is also a little bit 4C in our new entry. The 240 hp strong 1.75-liter turbo with six-speed dual clutch migrated in April 2014 namely from the middle of the exotic to the front of the compact. Me as an old Alfa-hare and Ex-147-GTA owners soothe a little. When I drove 2011, still very much in love with the 3.2-liter Arese-V6 of the GTA, for the first time a Giulietta QV with old 235-horsepower engine and manual gears, I was to say the least "somewhat appalled". The new drive combination feels much better. Even if the DCT transmission is certainly not the wisdom of the final conclusion (small tip: Dynamic mode and self-switching still works best) and there is a turbocharger, where the year 1987 would turn red before shame, is the top Julchen Now a really fast and significantly better car. In addition, the two tailpipes (and a loudspeaker) finally emit something like "Cuore e Amore". Before, nothing came out. The Giulietta consumed a good 9.5 liters on average over our longest distance of almost 8,000 kilometers. If they were rolled on the highway at 120 to 150 km / h, it was nearly eight liters. With a standard consumption of 6.8 liters certainly no sample value, but for a 240-hp car is still somehow okay.

Driving behavior
As far as driving is concerned, the Giulietta is more powerful than the purebred Hot Hatch à la Mégane R.S. Or Civic Type R. The suspension is rather leathererslipper than a running shoe. In itself it would probably have a lot of dynamic potential, the problem is only: What comes across the absurdly large steering wheel at Infos, acts more artificial than injected lips, the ESP does not go out and generally is simply too little movement in the booth to correct tie up. Really good, however, is how you relax in this Alfa pre-eminently. It springs really nice and is suitable for effortless mileage.

Interior and connectivity
The cockpit of the Giulietta QV is quite simple, the materials seem to be much less caring than in an Audi A3 or VW Golf, but Alfa has a gift for arranging everything in such a way that it still feels special and pleasant. The operation gives in principle no riddles, above all, however, surprised us the Uconnect infotainment system. Who ever had the "pleasure" with older Alfa systems, will be able to hardly be lucky. No navigation misfires, super fast and childlike connection with the smartphone, reasonable operating logic - there was nothing to complain about during the entire test. In front, the airy feeling of space was pleasing, but in the rear it was a bit tight for a length of 4.35 meters. And as far as the case is concerned: 350 liters in the normal condition do not sound straight, but if you put everything there is at backbanks around, then a rather impressive loader space is created. The holiday luggage for the small family including everything a nine-month-old child needs (exceeds the imagination of the average father several times and then comes the baby carriage) somehow went in. Remarkable.

Facilities and prices
The basic price of 32,500 Euros sounds quite violent (a Golf GTI is finally nearly 3,000 Euo cheaper), but most important stuff such as climate control, parkpipes, very cool Sabelt-Schalensitze, Brembo brakes or a cell phone-friendly five-inch infotainment system Already aboard from the factory. Our special paint called "Rosso Competizione" (2,500 euros) was kneeling down, but costs as much as five large inspections, so he gets a no. This also applies to the slippery leather seats (no extra charge) with electric seat adjustment (900 euros) The bi-xenon lights with curve light for 1,300 euros, as well as the UConnect-Navi with 6.5-inch screen for 1,500 euros.

Nowhere does the stereotype still live as unawares as Alfa. Real Alfas (depending on how badly an Alfista is infected, the stern drive, V6 or both) must be like a woman, which is actually far too beautiful and exotic for your own self: you fall in love immortally, she makes a mad and In the end you are broke. For me, the Giulietta was never the nebulous affair with devastating consequences, but rather the pragmatic reasons. After all, with a rather handsome bride. For hardcore fans, Giulietta's lack of madness and sophistication may be a little disappointing, but now nothing goes wrong. Fifteen years ago, one would have ordered the same as a mechanic. This is also progress. Sure, we drove the car only three months and well over 8,000 kilometers, but nothing clattered or fell off. Overall, the Giulietta made a really solid impression.

What else you should know
At the Giulietta QV did not bother much. In addition to the partly bird-driven double clutch gearbox was the rain sensor. We suspect he led a happy life of his own. He has not wiped a sensible sense. The Bose-Soundsystem (770 euro) was in order. No more and no less. If you want to buy the car again: In March 2016 there was a new facelift. Technically, nothing changed, but the look was a little adapted to the new Giulia and the interior refreshed with some new details. In addition, the top model now no longer QV but Veloce. The basic price rose by 850 euros.