Kamis, 19 Januari 2017

Caught: Mercedes C-Class as facelift


Not only in Germany is there a strict winter, the facelift of the Mercedes C-Class must prove itself at the moment in the cold of the polar circle. Our Erlkönig hunter has now caught the prototype during test drives. Especially the pictures of the interior are interesting.

Fresh cellar for the exterior
From the camouflage on the front and rear apron, we can deduce that the C-Class will probably experience similar facelift measures as the larger S-Class. Headlights, rear lamps as well as the bumpers should look a bit more modern for the change of model. The changes concern both the sedan and the T-model, both vehicles can be seen on the pictures in the gallery.

A view into the interior
Much more interesting than the exhilarated exterior is, however, a view into the interior of the C-Class. There too, there is a lot of inspiration from the S-Class. The touchpad in the center console, for example, was first introduced by Mercedes in the large sedan. Also the many buttons are new. Details about the infotainment display and the dashboard, however, we can not yet give, these areas were generously covered in the Erlkönigen with fabric.

Prices and market start
The current model of the C-Class came to the market in 2014 and is brought up to date with a facelift. We expect earliest for the 2018 model year with the fresh Benz. The entry-level model of the C-Class - the C160 - currently starts at around 32,000 euros.