Senin, 12 Desember 2016



The unique shape language of a Porsche 911 always stands out. Especially in the last 911 generations, however, Porsche has developed the design DNA only evolutionarily. The design of Sasha Selipanov is quite different: the creator of the Bugatti Chiron presents a bold design study.

To miss the Porsche 911 a new form language, belongs to the most demanding tasks of an automobile image designer. But if you call Sasha Selipanov and has just designed the Hypercar Bugatti Chiron, the reinterpretation of the Zuffenhausen sports car is probably one of the last remaining challenges. Admittedly, Selipanov had not been commissioned by Porsche to draw a new 911. On the contrary, his design study was developed in self-government - as a finger exercise. However, it is in itself: Already a fleeting look is enough to immediately identify the design as a Porsche. More about: Porsche 911 GT3 Facelift

The model generations of the Porsche 911 in the video:


Flat is ducking Selipanov's Porsche on the asphalt, the striking Elfer shoulder line is clearly recognizable. Nevertheless, the study is more modern and sharper than the current generation of the Stuttgart model. On the one hand, the futuristic LED headlights with square-shaped luminaire elements, which already adorned the Porsche Mission E showcar, played a large part in this. On the other hand, the entire line layout is very distinctive. This begins with the steep front windscreen, which is reminiscent of 911 models of the first generations, continues in the side view with the comparatively strongly modulated wheel arches and finally culminates in the edged rear end. The frameless taillights are based on the brand new Panamera. Porsche fans are, however, likely to rub themselves at the rear view of the design study, because it is clearly different from previous Elfer models. Depending on the perspective, the Porsche study from behind looks more like a GT with a holiday or golftaschentaugliche loader space and in many viewers inevitably evoke associations with a Jaguar F-Type. That the Porsche designers will draw the next 911 similarly brave, seems rather unlikely. Nevertheless, Selipanov's sketches show the development potential in the Elfer design.