Senin, 12 Desember 2016



The Bugatti Chiron (2016) with 1500 hp, 1600 Newtonmeters and 420 km / h top speed is the fastest and strongest production car in the world. With a price in the millions, he also leads the price lists. At least 220 copies were sold already.

The Bugatti Chiron (2016) is the fastest and probably the fastest production car in the world for a long time - but with its price of 2.86 million euros, it is also becoming the most expensive sports car in the world. At the moment 220 orders have already been received for the super sports car. And this should be built while only 500 pieces of the limited model. This is no wonder, for the Bugatti Chiron (2016) is like a revelation for sports car enthusiasts: 1500 hp, 1600 Newtonmeter and a top speed of 420 km / h make it the ultimate overflipper, which marks every other sports car to the toy car. But the successor of the Veyron would not have been worth much less, says company manager Wolfgang Dürheimer, and speaks of the probably the shortest burden of the recent automobile history. Instead of setting up a long list of claims, he has just written a sentence: "We make the best of the world's most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and exclusive series sports car in the world." On the basic recipe, Bugatti did not change much when switching from Veyron to Chiron. It remains with the carbon monocoque with aluminum cultivation, with which the developers keep the weight under two tons. In the rear is still the four-loaded 16-cylinder with eight liters displacement, and the force is sorted as before with a seven-stage Doppelkupplung and brought on the road over all four wheels, no: rollers.


However, the engineers at Molsheim have turned on each set screw once again, thus increasing the power by 20 percent, pressing the cW value and raising the tempo. Despite the price in the million range, Dürheimer has already received a deposit from 220 customers and was therefore clearly advised to increase the production of the coupé against the Veyron from 300 to 500 copies - the certainly long-planned roadster not yet counted. The Bugatti Chiron (2016) also wants to remain the ultimate Gran Turismo, which is just as good in front of the opera as on the motorway, a gently curved coastal road or a race track. It is not for nothing that, with all its brutality, he has a touch of the elegance that has made Bugatti and the legendary legends of the Altlantic. And not without a reason, he also celebrates an orgy of paint and leather in the noticeably purged interior, and caresses the rich racer with a luxury that is unimagined in sports cars right up to the sound system with diamond dust on the loudspeaker diaphragms and a brand logo of solid silver.


Not only has Designchef Achim Anscheidt emphasized the beast in the Bugatti Chiron (2016), for example with the measurable look of the narrowest LED headlights in the world or the martial stern with its 1.60 meter wide LED sword in place of the rear lights. The technical project manager Willi Netuschil has also programmed the car even more dramatic. As with any vile VW, there are now various driving profiles that can be used to vary the engine control, the strategy of the seven-stage dual clutch, the power distribution of the all-wheel drive, the stability program and the adaptive chassis. If it is not enough, the Bugatti Chiron (2016) can accelerate from 0 to 100, in less than 6.5 seconds to 200 km / h and in less than 14 seconds to 300 km / h in less than 2.5 seconds and to whom A top speed of 420 km / h are not nerve kitzel enough, which can therefore drift with a Bugatti at the push of a button.


However, the surprise that Bugatti brings the Chiron at all is even bigger than the fascination for driving. Because firstly the predecessor was supposedly a millionengrab and secondly, many feared at the latest after the exhaust gas affair that the Bolide is buried during the large clean up in Wolfsburg. This fear was also present in Molsheim, Dürheimer has to grant. But she was obviously unfounded. When the Dieselgate became public, the Bugatti Chiron (2016) was on the finish line, the development budget was largely spent and the first customers had already made their down payments. No one is pulling the tug. Especially not when this is not just about the prestige, but also about the profit. For Dürheimer has not only started with the Chiron "to build the most spectacular car in the world, but also to make money with it."