Senin, 12 Desember 2016

The Ferrari 488 Challenge is here


Ferrari and Motorsport, which belongs together like hardly any other manufacturer. It is hardly surprising that the Italians are also launching a brand-new racing car from the new 488 GTB. After 355, 430 and 458, there is now also a 488 in the Challenge version, with which well-heeled men riders can race their races on various racetracks around the world.
Fastest brand cup Ferrari
The 25th anniversary of the Ferrari Challenge in 2017 celebrates the company with the strongest and fastest brand cup racer, ever from Maranello came. The basis is the 488 GTB with its 670-hp turbo engine. In order to make the supersporters fit for the racetrack, various corner points of the vehicle were included. The optimized transmission, for example, allows a 11.5 per cent faster acceleration from the stand to the speed limiter of the fourth gear. In addition, the powertrain was facilitated by about 25 kilograms.
New Aero package
The most obvious changes took place in the aerodynamics of the 488 Challenge. A large spoiler is located on the tailgate, which is designed to provide speed and downforce. The wing is also used in a similar form on the 488 GTE, which won the long-distance world title in 2016. In addition, the front bumper has been completely reworked and equipped with a splitter as well as with various flaps. In addition, a completely newly developed front hood was installed, which should guide the cooling air even better. With these changes, the 488 Challenge is able to subdue the best time of its predecessor brand - the 458 Challenge Evo - by about one second on the in-house test track in Fiorano.