Kamis, 22 Desember 2016

Deeper, wider - faster?


To miss a brand-new C-Class Coupé from the company Mercedes an extremely wide Widebody-Kit, already belongs a proper portion of self-confidence. Self-confidence, which seems to be missing from the troop of Tuner Moshammer. The Berliners are now building the probably widest C-Class Coupé of the current model generation.

Widebody kit
In the body kit are front apron attachments, four centimeter wide fender extensions, 6.5 centimeter broadened sides, a newly designed rear spoiler and a diffuser included. In the latter, the tailpipes of the V8 biturbo or the V12 biturbo can optionally be integrated. For the V12 tailpipes it is important to note that this engine is not available for the C-Class Coupé. Moshammer builds you there on request a very nice Blender. The sheep is finally rounded off by a sound module in the exhaust, which generates a V12 sound, even if under the hood "only" a V8 heart beats. We have not experienced this so often.

Chassis and rims
Due to the extremely wide body, of course, the chassis and the wheels must also be adapted. The suspension is modified with a H & R coilover and the wheels come from "artForm Wheels". They are 10.5 inches at the front axle and 12.0 inches wide at the rear axle. The tires grow accordingly also in the horizontal: On the drive axle 325-gums provide for grip. An extreme conversion, which can be seen.