Senin, 09 Januari 2017

This is the revised Audi SQ5


After the new Audi Q5 already saw the light of the world in 2016, it was now time to adapt the sporty top version SQ5 to the new model. At the Automesse NAIAS in Detroit (8 to 22 January 2017) the Ingolstädter ventured the curtain: With a revised engine, lower weight and new look, Audi lets the SQ5 loose on its opponents.

More fresh look
Visually, the new SQ5 adapts to its more civilian brother Q5. New heavier contoured aprons, larger air intakes and an independent diffuser lift the sports model from weaker motorized variants. 20-inch forged wheels are standard. Both headlights and taillights are completely made in LED. Thanks to various new material mix applications, Audi was able to press the weight of the SQ5 by around 35 kilograms. Now the SUV "weighs only" 1,995 kilograms.

Now with petrol engines
On the engine, Audi relies on a turbocharged three-liter TFSI with 354 hp and 500 newton meters of torque. The performance is thus increased by 14 hp, the torque with the previous SQ5 TDI Plus with 700 Newtonmeter however higher. The engine was also able to save valuable weight on the engine: the new engine is 14 kilos less than the previous Diesel V6 heart. In conjunction with the eight-speed Steptronic and the standard quattro all-wheel drive, the new SQ5 sprints from standstill to 100 km in 5.4 seconds - here the Diesel SQ5 was 5.1 seconds faster. An optional sports differential provides more dynamic cornering. The new electromechanical servo control and the adaptive S-shock absorbers also help.

Plenty of space in the interior
In the interior, the Audi SQ5 comes as standard with sports seats with leather and Alcantara covers. Also a massage function is on board. The predictive efficiency assistant with targeted driving instructions, the "adaptive cruise control" -stage, including the stowage assistant and the sail function make driving more comfortable. As a five-seater, the SQ5 has a 610-liter trunk volume. If you fold the rear seat, the space increases to 1,550 liters.

Market start and price
The new Audi SQ5 will be launched in mid-2017. A price has not yet, for a predecessor model, however, Audi called 67,700 euros. It is therefore quite possible that the new SQ5 could break through the 70,000 euro mark.