Selasa, 24 Januari 2017

New ASX debuts at the Geneva Autosalon 2017


There are the types of cars, where one spontaneously thinks: Oh, is he still there? For example, the Mitsubishi ASX, of which about 10,500 copies were sold last year in Germany. No unimportant size for the Japanese brand. At the Geneva Autosalon 2017 (9 to 19 March), the new ASX will be presented in all probability.

A few centimeters in addition
Mitsubishi itself is now only a half-shaded picture out and speaks of a "new compact SUV". But already the running time of the current ASX, which has already been on the market since 2010, demands a complete new edition. A long wheelbase with short rear overhang is promised. Optically visible are already more folds and corners in the sheet metal as well as quite high arranged taillights. However, there are also voices that look at the car as an addition to the ASX: According to this, the ASX is still to be built a few years further. From autumn 2017 follows the new compact SUV, which is only five centimeters longer than the 4.35 meter measuring ASX.

Are Turbobenzines coming?
Mitsubishi is still covered in technology. Up to now, the ASX has a 117 hp petrol engine and two diesel engines with a power of 114 and 150 hp. It is not excluded that the ottomotor is switched to turbot technology. However, it is safe to say that the new ASX is being upgraded in assistance systems. In the autumn of 2016, the Japanese showed the eX Concept study, where the journey was made: automated parking, a lane-changing assistant, a blind spot warning system and a system that reports the road surface to the all-wheel drive.