Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

More power for the Aventador


There are cars that do a software optimization for more performance well. A Golf GTI for example, or a BMW 120d. However, there are also cars, as it is sometimes times enough. The Lamborghini Aventador, for example, already has 750 hp when it rolls out of the sacred halls in Sant'Agata Bolognese. Nevertheless, there are people who do not have enough. Danny Kubasik - the head of the tuning company mcchip-dkr in Mechernich - is such a man. With him there is now still a few extremely expensive extra PS for the hot bull from Italy.

V12 with 750 hp
Six-liter cubic capacity of Lamborghini is switched from twelve classic V-shaped cylinders. There is no trace of new-life compressors or turbochargers. All the more impressive is the fact that the plant has a capacity of 750 suction cups. The torque is comparatively "low" with 690 Newtonmeter - here the missing turbocharger is noticeable. Another disadvantage of the suction motor: many extra PSs can not be mobilized simply by optimized software.

42 hp for 11,990 euros
With the help of newly manufactured Kat replacement tubes and a detailed test stand run in conjunction with new engine software, mcchip was able to tickle 42 HP and 41 Newtonmeter from the Lambo V12. Peanuts, do you mean? Wait until you see the price. The Mechernicher demand 11.990 euros for the performance cure. That's 298 euros per extra horsepower. Or the equivalent of a brand new Renault Clio. Crazy? Just a little bit.