Kamis, 05 Januari 2017

Kia Picanto: First pictures


The times when cars in the 3.50-meter class were rolling declarations of dispute are long gone. Certainly, even today, VW Up and consoles are often enough mommies mobile shopping bag, nursing service express or entry vehicle for young people. But in the meantime, Cityflitzer have reached a level that makes them easily full-fledged first cars. The best example is the new Kia Picanto, from which the first pictures were published.

More sturdy optics
They show the little Korean in the sport GT-Line. The sleek design was also developed at Kia's Frankfurt Design Center. Striking are parallels to the new Rio (about in the side window line), but also to the great Optima (at the front part). At the rear, the new Picanto still reminds most of its predecessor. However, the rear screen does not reach as far down. A little wider C-pillars make the new Picanto at the rear end of the body no longer look as hacked as before.

Hardly growing, yet more spacious
A surprise is the constant length of 3.59 meters. The wheelbase grows slightly to 2.40 meters, which is a plus of 15 millimeters. According to Kia, the new Picanto will outstrip various competitors in terms of space and luggage space. We are looking forward, so far fit only 200 liters with full seating in the trunk. The striking cockpit is striking: both the freestanding touchscreen and the specially designed controls of the automatic climate control can be found in a very similar form in the new Kia Rio. Of course, both elements will be subject to demand, but also here the rearmament in the small-car segment is evident. Different color versions are also available for the interior.

Premiere in the spring of 2017
Kia is still covered with the engines, so far there are two suction cylinders in the Picanto: a three-cylinder with 66 hp and a four-cylinder with 85 hp. The new Picanto will be presented at the Geneva Autosalon in early March 2017, and it will be launched in the second quarter of the year.