Rabu, 14 Desember 2016

The jet for the road


Lucid Motors brings a luxury limousine with up to 1000 hp, which accelerates in under three seconds to 100! Now there are first pictures.

Lucid Motors brings an up to 1000 hp strong electric sedan, project name: Atvus. "We think the car completely new, rather than a jet for the road," says Technician Peter Rawlinson, who previously worked as a manager at Tesla. In Fremont, a stone's throw from Tesla's factory, Lucid Motors introduced the first car: a luxury limousine, which is not just another expensive electric car, but "a completely new way to experience driving." AUTO BILD met Rawlinson and designer Derek Jenkins in California.

New LED lighting technology is to shape appearance

On the outside, the Tesla Model S was the model; in terms of space, the Mercedes models were more oriented. "The saloon will have the format of an E-Class outside and inside the space offer of an S-Class," says designer Jenkins. Above all, a new kind of LED lighting technology will shape the appearance of the sedan.

Up to 1000 HP from two electric motors

Lucid's idea of a streetjump also includes a power of up to 1000 hp, produced by electric motors on the front axle (400 hp) and on the rear axle (600 hp). In 2.5 seconds the car should accelerate to 100 km / h. Lucid Motors has a range of up to 640 kilometers. Values that actually recall the Model S. Like Henrik Fisker, Rawlinson also speaks of a breakthrough in cell chemistry for the batteries of his car. But Lucid Motors continues to rely on lithium-ion batteries, shipped from Samsung.

Later also vollautonom

At the end of 2018, the four-door sedan is to be built in series, two years later also to be able to drive fully. Then 50,000 cars a year will be rolled out "at a competitive price". Probably in the USA, because Lucid understands as a Californian brand despite some Chinese investors. You will find more electrons in the picture gallery.