Kamis, 15 Desember 2016

911 with McLaren feel


The McLaren F1 is too expensive? An alternative would be the "Centro911" from Trinity Motorsports: the single-seater unique cost 51,000 euros!

A special Porsche 911 is on sale at Atlanta Luxury Motors in Roswell (Geogia, USA). The "Centro 911" looks like a normal 911 Carrera S Cabrio, but inside it the Trinity Motorsports has been converted into a single-seater! The car already had four owners since 2010, but there is an astounding little on the speedometer: only 25,000 kilometers have been covered with the "Centro 911". Just under 54,000 dollars (51,000 euros) the dealer calls for the Porsche with a Formula One feeling. The work looks very solid, anything but a boutique. The entire fitting is perfectly centered, the center console was mounted to the right of the driver's seat perfectly. Corresponding gaps and recesses, which have resulted from the conversion, Trinity has clad with carbon parts.

Centro 911 as a used car for 51,000 euros

Actually, the first owner of the Centro 911 dreamed of a McLaren F1, but more than three million euros were too expensive for him. So the grip on the Porsche followed. The specialists from Trinity Motorsports from Ohio were commissioned to convert the cockpit of a 911 Convertible (997.2) into one-seater. The project cost around 85,000 dollars (about 80,000 euros) and 4000 working hours. A wolf in the sheep's fleece has emerged - outside the normal elf, inside pure racing atmosphere!