Selasa, 20 Desember 2016

Extension for the Tiguan


Is Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller a magician? Well, in the exhaust gas, magical forces seem to be required. But also with a view to the model palette, new rabbits are always taken out of the hat, in order to remain in the picture. The latest prank is the VW Tiguan Allspace. The extended version of the compact SUV debuts as a world champion at the NAIAS in Detroit (8 to 22 January 2017).

A magic box called MQB
The VW Tiguan Allspace is made possible by the modular cross-section box (MQB). It covers a spectrum from the 4.19 meter long Audi Q2 to the 5.04 meter measuring VW Atlas for the US market. The Tiguan Allspace does not impose too much imagination on the viewer because it exists as a Skoda Kodiaq in a different form. This makes the measurements clear: the wheelbase of 2.79 meters (a plus of eleven centimeters compared to the classic Tiguan) VW officially confirmed, with the length is to be expected around 4.70 meters.

The right Tiguan for the USA?
In the Stretch-Tiguan there is the possibility to install a third row of seats and make the car to the seater. From early summer 2017 the Allspace will be successively introduced in the markets of North America, China and Europe. This sequence makes sense, since seven-seat SUVs are particularly in demand in the USA. There, the Allspace is offered only under the name "Tiguan", because VW in America still the old Tiguan in the program has. He then releases the Allspace. Probable engine is a 1.8-liter turbojet with 170 hp.

Well-known engines for Europe
Also in China, the XL-Tiguan renounces its surname, although the normal Tiguan is already offered in new form. As in the USA VW in the middle of the center exclusively on Turbobenziner. For the European market can be expected with the well-known engine offer: gasoline from 125 to 220 hp and diesel between 115 and 240 hp.