Selasa, 20 Desember 2016

480 horsepower in golf? Yes, please!


Even though the VW Golf Clubport with 265 hp and its stronger brother Clubport S with 310 hp for hot-hatches are definitely not under-powered, there is still some air up. The specialists from B & B Automobiltechnik are now proving that the two-liter turbomachine has great potential. The Siegen make the two sharp top golfs to genuine Porsche killers.

Level One to Three
Let's start with "small". With a moderate increase in the pressure of about 0.2 bar, as well as the adaptation of injection and ignition characteristics, the first version of the engine will cost around 1,300 euros to 360 hp and 460 newton meters. 385 hp and 480 newtonmeter are available in stage two for 3,950 euros. In addition, a downpipe is installed there, suction lines and air ducts are optimized and the loading pressure is raised by a further 0.25 bar. Stage Three for 7,950 Euros helps the Golf with a new turbocharger, a larger Ladeluftkühler and a sports exhaust system to fill 430 hp and 550 Newtonmeter.

480 hp in level four
In the most extreme version - number four - B & B installed an even bigger special turbocharger and adjusted the remaining hardware so far that finally 480 bhp and 620 newton meters of torque from the four-cylinder bubble. Thus, the 0-100 time drops from 6.3 to 4.5 seconds and the 0-200 time drops from 22.5 to 12.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 285 km / h. The optimization of the DSG gearbox also plays a major part in the improved acceleration.

Chassis and brake
In order to bring the newly gained strength to the road, B & B offers both a sports spring set for 298 euros and a KW running gear for 1,798 euros. A high-performance braking system with six pistons is available for EUR 3,495. With a disc diameter of 342 millimeters this just fits under the original 18-inch wheels.