Kamis, 22 Desember 2016

Curves for the little one


The current Kia Picanto has been on the market for over six years. For Korean conditions half an eternity. But now there are first sketches of the successor. They show: Kia is not only active in the model cycles, but also in design.

Smart tots
It is already clear that the Kia Picanto of the year 2017 is quite chic. A similarity to the likewise new Rio is unmistakable. Kia herself is still very vague and speaks only of "youthful-dynamic" design and new possibilities of individualization. A larger space is promised. Presumably, the 3.75 meter short Picanto now grows to the 3.66 meters of its group brother Hyundai i10. Mention is also made of the high-quality interior with new high-tech elements plus expanded safety equipment.

Presentation in Geneva
This could be a system from the Hyundai i10, whose platform the new Picanto uses. A multi-function camera in the windshield provides information for a front-end warning system and a tracking warning. The interior sketch shows, similar to the new Kia Rio, a large touch screen on the center console. However, this will probably be subject to a charge. Striking are red accents on the body. Whether Kia is planning a sport version of Picanto? Here the single-liter turbo-benzine with 100 HP could be used. Two tried and tested ottomotors are considered as set: a three-cylinder with 67 hp and a four-cylinder with 87 hp. Added to this are the versions with autogas. At the beginning of 2017, Kia plans to introduce the third Picanto generation. For the first time, the Cityflitzer will be shown at the Geneva Autosalon (March 9-19, 2017).