Senin, 06 Februari 2017

VW Golf GTI Cabrio Buffs


Although summer now time for a week something like that as motivation shows in general was for all sun worshipers also in 2016 again a meteorological slap in the face. Is it just because nobody buys more convertibles? The figures have been declining for years. The surprise about the recent production adjustment of the VW Golf Cabrio is therefore limited. Also because of the German favorite car in the Föhn version still based on the Golf 6 (from golf 7 there is no convertible. So it is really no longer really cracking. Technically, it is probably even better than most other affordable convertibles. This cries formally after a small surfing round in the relevant used car portals. And if you're not quite sure yet, we've been driving the open golf as GTI for three months in the editorial daily. What we liked and what less, read now.

Engine, transmission, consumption
Did you know that the GTI in recent months officially allowed to carry the title "strongest open VW" before its setting? The Golf GTI has been the fastest ever since the premiere of the Golf R Cabrio, which was last achieved without a roof from Wolfsburg. This is the case with the Porsche 918 Spyder and the Lambo Huracán Spider . Responsible for this is a two-liter TSI, which after a decent facelift in mid-2015 to 220 hp and 350 Newtonmeter brings. It makes the GTI convertible a lot faster than the old 210 PS variant. From 0-100 km / h it goes in 6.9 seconds, the maximum speed is at 231 km / h. The pressure offered by the open GTI feels rather stronger than the values ​​convey. Want a little excerpt from the test diary? "The TSI has little desire for ruckus, but is like the devil" or "Still impressive, how fast 220 hp in a 1,500 kilos car can feel" were only two of the consistently positive entries. Thus, you expect quantities of even turbocharging with a sadly strained sound background. As a compensation for the uninspired sound there is an extremely fast and competent six-speed DSG and a daily consumption of around eight liters.

Yes, love drivability. Here we had the most discussions during our time with the GTI convertible. The rather comfortable editing department was delighted by the gentle, controlled, non-resting nature, the hot-hatch lovers were annoyed by too little real GTI feeling. I mean, our red cloth roof was impressive and balanced, but it was not very sporty or even exciting. The car is incredibly neutral and safe, but has some stiff hips and a frustratingly restrictive ESP. Even as a GTI, the Golfcabrio is more of a cruiser than a real cornering machine. In this context, let me lose a word about the optional adaptive dampers. At first we were rather skeptical, whether one the adjustment chassis with all its modes (which also affect the throttle, transmission and steering) really needs. Gradually, however, we got used to the advantages, especially because the spreading was already very noticeable. The GTI did not really work hard in sports mode, but in "Comfort" it was so smooth that it was washed with Perwoll for weeks.

Interior and Connectivity
Although the convertible cockpit may apply the old clothes of the Golf 6, but which are still in better shape than most newer competitors. This also applies to the operation of the 6.5-inch touch screen. Even babies could stream music or navigate throughout Europe. Just keep hoping that they will not find the volume control, because our Dynaudio system, with the so-called "Confidence", fryed every drumhead within a radius of three kilometers and brought the most exhausted butt into an extatic hubbub. This sound system is really "shattering" good. The same is true for the convertible top. Thanks to fantastic insulation, even in the case of faster rides really quiet in the box. It also opens and closes fully electrically in record-breaking nine seconds. There is even the most obscure space rain in the tube. Less beautifully did we experience all that somehow had to do with bureaucracy. The wonderfully iconic check-in interior decoration regularly enjoyed all eyes and hearts, unfortunately the fore-legs were too soft and not only for the absolute editors' booths also somewhat too small. An inglorious ape-like (and not very comfortable) sitting was the result. The rear bench was completely avoided, if possible. At least from all editorial staff about 1.60 meters. And the trunk? Is just a trunk of a compact convertible. Do not expect too much. And by the Knubbel tailgate the loading is not even easier.

Features and Prices
The prices of the GTI Cabrio I would like to deal with very briefly, because it no longer considered are the car anyway. Our test car had a basic price of 35.900 euros and came with everything you need and does not need at 43.821 euros. Lot of money? Absolute! A BMW 220i convertible (from 35.350 euros) or even a Ford Mustang EcoBoost convertible (from 42,000 euros) is also available. The "Composition Media" radio with Navi function (880 Euro), the uninhibited Dynaudio "Confidence" sound system (1,265 Euro), the Xenon headlights with the " (1,380 euros), the reversing camera (295 euros) as well as the park pilots (including parking assistant for 210 euros). Simply to bend the look of the knobbly-short-course golf, we also recommend the gigantic-looking 18-inch wheels (755 euros). If you like shift paddles, the multi-function steering wheel with radio control and the mentioned rockers (290 euros). The adaptive dampers (1.035 euro) are certainly not a must, but we liked them quite well.

During our endurance tests occurred at the VW Golf GTI Cabrio on any deficiencies. Also with processing and material quality there was nothing to complain about. Nothing struck or rattled. There were also no other crippling weaknesses, such as jogging in the steering or torsion problems.

What should you know else
Almost as Rausschmeisser VW has launched another limited edition of 200 pieces "Last Edition" of the Golf GTI Cabrio at the end of production. It comes with more distinctive aprons, black 19-inch wheels, adaptive shock absorbers, 15 mm lowering, limited edition placard and leather trim (leather, navi, etc.) for 46,500 euros. The Last Edition is still available at selected dealers.