Senin, 06 Februari 2017

In Review: Audi S5 Sportback


This is it: Seven years after the introduction of the first S5 Sportback generation bring the Ingolstadt now the successors in the market. "Finally", one would say - "there has probably been quite a lot in the design". It is limited. Nevertheless, the new S5 Sportback has become a very good car. Why? We can clarify that now.

Lots of space but no design revolution
You will probably have recognized it at first glance: The new Sportback is - like its coupe brother - no design revolution. Changes concern, for example, the now flatter and wider grill, at the same time the shape of the shoulder line is emphasized and designed more. This is the sportback very well. The length increases by two centimeters to 4.73 meters, the wheelbase is now 2.82 meters, a plus of 14 millimeters. This creates more space in the rear and trunk. The latter, instead of 480 liters of 1,300 liters, is a real alternative to the S4 Avant with a capacity of 505 or 1,510 liters. Passengers who sit in the rear can look forward to a little more legroom than the S5 Coupé and unimpeded boarding. Thank you!

Excellent interior
people who have previously taken already in the current S-models of A4 and A5 place, do not have too much change in the cockpit of S5. There everything from the brand brothers is familiar - unfortunately also the cheap plastic shifting shifter on the steering wheel. Highlight is the "Virtual Cockpit", in which the analog instruments are replaced by a 12.3 inch screen. Optionally, a head-up display can also be ordered. Anyone who makes his cross-talk with the top navi called "MMI Navigation Plus" will also get a 8.3-inch monitor on the center console as well as a ten gigabyte memory and a DVD drive. Taking all these options into consideration, the S5 Sportback cockpit spoils you with infotainment enjoyment of the top class. The combination of the Bang-and-Olufsen sounds, the sharp displays of the displays and the equally beautiful and practical "Virtual Cockpit" definitely make a hunt for the excellent iDrive system from BMW.

Thanks Wizard Pleasant ride
not forget the flood of assistance systems that Audi has packed into the S5 Sportback. A tracking assistant with steering intervention, a distance counter with traffic sign detection, a predicative efficiency assistant that helps in driving ahead, and a jamming system that accelerates up to 65 km / h independently, decelerates and steers depending on the road. All the systems work very well and take the driver a bit of the stress with longer motorcycles. The optional massage function, which is hidden in the beautifully cut sports seats, also ensures stress relief.

V6 Bumms with 354 PS
Let's talk more about the engine. Only the hub and the bore remain from the old compressor unit. The basic data of the new machine: three-liter displacement of six cylinders in V-design including turbocharging. The increase in power and torque is relatively moderate with 21 hp and 40 newton meters, but the 354 hp and 500 newton meters push the sportback forward in every living situation very powerful and powerful. The result: the Audi standard prints from zero to 100 in 4.7 seconds. In addition, the new engine is to consume on average only 7.3 liters of gasoline to 100 kilometers. The sound is adequately sporty, but sounds a little quiet from the sound generators into the interior.

Sovereign, safe, fast
The handling of the S5 Sportback in athletic gait can confidently describe as foolproof. The standard all-wheel drive with wheel-selective torque control distributes the drive forces mostly in favor of the rear axle, which makes the Audi hardly controllable. The superbly balanced chassis also contributes to very safe handling. The five-fender suspension with adaptive dampers offers a wide range of comfort and sportiness, making the S5 the right choice for any road surface. If the Audi sits in the "Comfort" mode for a little longer and swallows even coarser waves without murmuring, the dampers in the "Dynamic" mode give short hard shocks and thus a good feedback from the road. Overall, the S5 Sportback goes very unaffected around the curve - efficiently and a little bit unemotional. But that also makes "Vorsprung durch Technik" just out.