Jumat, 06 Januari 2017

The car, your friend


The more functions cars can carry out independently, the greater the fear of many owners: does one think of the person who is sitting in the car? Is the driver demoted to pure filling material? A response to this is now being attempted by Toyota at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. There is the study "Concept-i" from 5 to 8 January 2017.

Invitation to the future
We do not know how much the future US President Donald Trump is starting to innovate. But he may have liked the Toyota Concept-i to be designed at the in-house design center in Newport Beach, California. The user-friendly technology comes from the "Toyota Innovation Hub" in San Francisco. Behind the Concept-i is the idea that new mobility technologies should be warm, inviting and fun.

Hello, Yui!
The core of the study is a system with a strong artificial (or artificial) intelligence. In this way, the vehicle should build up an almost human relationship with the driver. The technique is visible through "Yui", the personification of the AI ​​technology. Of course, no robot is sitting next to one, Yui hides in the dashboard. By light, sounds, but also haptic signals, Yui shares. In the Concept-i, Toyota largely dispenses with screens. Various lights in the footwell indicate whether the vehicle is moved in automated or manual mode. Cameras in the rear of the car project their images inside on the A-pillars to reduce the blind spot. To welcome the inmates of the Concept-i, Yui appears outside on the doors. The vehicle rear shows messages to warn future drivers of bends and potential hazards. The front part, on the other hand, tells the outside world whether the driver or the technology has the command force.