Sabtu, 21 Januari 2017

Sport springs for the Audi TT RS


The new TT RS is not even in the Audi configurator, but already now there are the first tuning parts for the top model with the legendary 2.5-liter five-cylinder under the hood. If you want to make your 400-hp new car even more dynamic, then the chassis specialists from H & R have already prepared something for you.

Adapted and lowered
The tuner from the Sauerland now offers a sport suspension set, which has been perfectly adapted to the standard RS sports suspension with the adaptive dampers. With the H & R springs, the TT RS is up to 25 meters in the front and up to 20 millimeters in the rear on the road. So the chassis rests sporty-low on the optional 20-inch car.

Less wobbling, better cornering
Further results of the conversion? The center of gravity decreases and minimizes the rolling movements of the bodywork on extreme stretches or during rapid load changes. The steering and cornering behavior should be improved in this way and the dynamic handling characteristics of the sporty coupé should be increased. And without compromising on everyday life.

Parts reports and track extensions
By the way, the necessary parts for the TÜV are supplied with the springs. In addition to the appropriate sporting springs, Trak + track extensions are available in different widths and colors. The prices of the tuning parts are not yet known.