Kamis, 12 Januari 2017

Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept in Detroit


The future of Nissan will be clearly contoured, sharp-edged and electric - at least, if one refers to the Vmotion 2.0 concept, which the Japanese have unveiled at the Automesse NAIAS in Detroit (8 to 22 January 2017) and has a small outlook Coming generations of the popular models Altima and Maxima.

Design award for the concept
The body with a long wheelbase has a somewhat rugged appearance but also clear and sharp. The large taillights pull the rear to the width. At the front, the striking V-shaped radiator grille attracts the attention that Nissan has already introduced to the standard cars. A "floating roof" provides a flat look, the oppositely opening doors are always good for an eye-catcher. The four-seater is wrapped in a warm silver tone, which changes into a gentle copper depending on the angle of view. The effort of the designers was already rewarded at the NAIAS Autoshow: The "EyesOn" design award for the best concept car went to the Vmotion 2.0.

Interior and autonomy
In the interior of the car, whose concept Nissan should lead into the autonomous and emission-free future, there are four generously dimensioned seats in whose headrests loudspeakers are incorporated. The display of the infotainment system extends from the driver's side to far above the center of the dashboard. All important parameters can be read there and the driving modes can be programmed. Nissan's goal is to prevent fatal traffic accidents with autonomous vehicles. With Vmotion 2.0, the autonomous mode for outsiders is clearly visible: the diffuser of the car turns red. We are eager to see where the design concept Nissan is leading.