Selasa, 24 Januari 2017

New Nissan Micra in Test


Dubrovnik (Croatia), January 18, 2017
Your favorite color is light gray, you dress beige prefer and like it solid? Then the new Nissan Micra is not for you. The fifth generation, which is available from the middle of March 2017, is the exact opposite of understatement, especially in Orange. Whether the little one is as unusual as he looks? We tested it.

The opposite of the old generation
, the old Micra was a sad Pummelchen. It should function as a world car, and then an Indian with turbans must also fit in (no joke), and the restrictive Japanese rules on width must also be considered. The new one comes from Europe and looks much more dynamic and masculine. The proportions are more adult and you can see that the car is almost exactly four inches (17 cm) longer than before. He is also broader and lower. In terms of size he is now mainstream in the small car segment and is supposed to find more buyers. So far, three quarters of the buyers were female, in the future the gender mix should be balanced.

Sporty driving? Forget Sie`s
The look arouses in me expectations in terms of driving dynamics. However, the new Micra can not meet, I say the same time forward. The 0.9 IG-T will be the "volume engine", as it is called in the industry. Unusual: The three-cylinder turbo-gasoline has no direct injection, but an intake manifold injection - therefore IG-T, injection gasoline turbo, and not as used by Nissan DIG-T, Direct Injection Gasoline Turbo. This has advantages in fine dust emission. For many drivers more interesting: 90 hp and turbo do not sound bad for a small car, but the drive is only sufficient. 140 Newtonmeters are not the world, and so the car drives like a suction gasoline. The 90-hp diesel is made from other wood, its 220 Newtonmeter provides a proper swing and driving pleasure. But it is 2,000 euros more expensive than the Turbobenziner and consumed hardly less (on my journey 4.5 instead of 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers). We would rather wait for the stronger petrol engine that Nissan promises us in the future. We hope for the 205-Newtonmeter-Turbo from the Renault Clio TCe 120.

Chassis and steering? Mediocrity
also suspension, steering and the standard five-speed circuit of the Micra have no sporting value. The little one, however, is rather on the tight side, does not hesitate, sometimes an idea seems restless, although without annoying, at least not up to speed 90, and I could not drive faster on the country roads around Dubrovnik. The "Intelligent Track Control" (in the case of sleepers, where the front of the car would normally be kneeed at the front, the rear wheels are braked to rest) and the "intelligent tracking control" (in curves the inner wheels are braked ) Remain interesting technical ideas, of which I do not feel in practice.

Space: okay, but not very practical
A particularly practical car I did not expect, mostly to practicality and chic appearance bite yes. So it is with the Micra. The space in the back is classically typical, meaning that it is enough for adults. But one sits unpleasantly high and wobbly, like the much-bred monkey on the grindstone. The luggage compartment is not usable for lack of Einlegeboden, the volume with 300 to 1.004 liters, however, slightly above-average. A VW Polo offers, for example, only 280 to 952 liters, but there is an 

Rare as a pliant center console experienced
front you sit well in the new small Nissan - at least if one is only 1.75 meters tall. The seats offer plenty of sides at the back, but the thighs are somewhat lively in curves. As the middle console comes as called, it fits perfectly to my leg, whether I am driver or passenger. I have unfortunately only one pair of test legs, as the larger one feels, I can not say. But also the cockpit design is very successful. I especially like the bright interior decorations (350 or 400 Euro, ab Acenta) in high-quality light blue plastic or in orange leather.

Do not moan: Wizard
When you come to the subject of assistance systems, moaning now, most car enthusiasts, I know: all known, all boring. But stop, not so fast. In the small class, road sign detection or high-beam assist are already very unusual, also blind spot warning and track warning sensors and anti-collision system with pedestrian detection and 360 degree lap vision system are at least worth mentioning. The allegedly active spoiler is only warning, however, without adapting the direction of travel - the corrective brake is not to be really noticeable from 120 onwards and I could not test this because of a lack of highway. Another special feature of the Micra is the Bose sound system with loudspeakers in the driver's headrest. The sound is good and very spatial. However, before you place your order, you should consider your own nose and consider whether the distraction from the traffic does not increase, the better the music sounds ...

Alternatives? Perhaps the new C3
The whole crowd dancing Assistant begin only when you order one of the higher equipment and / or an expensive package. Acenta is to be the most ordered equipment, and I can understand because of the first available colorful cockpits. With the 90-hp petrol engine you land at 17.190 euros. The basic version for this motorization is called Visia Plus, offers audiosystem and air conditioning and costs 15,790 euros. The Citroën C3 PureTech 110 with 205 Newtonmeter (starting at 19.590 Euro) or the rather crashed Nissan Juke 1.2 DIG-T with 190 Newtonmeter (hardly more expensive) are also available as alternatives. The Renault Clio TCe 90 (more than 15.190 Euro) is more affordable. Also the stronger engine can be afforded, the mentioned Clio TCe 120 is available from 16.390 euro.

The Note deleted
Finally, two pieces of information in the broader of the Micra is the note, which was based on the same platform as the old Micra K13, running in Germany only until summer 2017 continues and then deleted. Minivans are a dying species, according to the manufacturer. I hear this often, but in terms of the sales numbers (around 12,000 Micra and 6,000 note in Germany in 2016) I can not understand, and I think it is a pity. Such cars offer much more variability and everyday comfort than SUVs. Also for me incomprehensible: The new Micra K14 is based still on the (modified) old "Nissan V" platform, not on the more modern of the Clio, and yet runs the same French band ...