Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

Brabus unleashes the new E-Class


You probably think of the name Brabus on gigantic SUVs and S-Classes with 850 hp. Or to very dangerous-looking G-Classes, which accelerate to 100 km / h in well under five seconds and cost more than an average single-family home. But of course it is different. As in the case of the new Mercedes E-Class, for example. We are pretty sure that Brabus will be making some grotesque performance on the basis of the new (and abundantly wild) E 63, but if they want to give their E 220d a little more flamboyance and strength, then the Bottroper Benz-Finder does that too .

Two Aero packages
For the quite normal variants of the W 213 (so the internal abbreviation of the new E-Class) Brabus has now laced an extensive tuning package. The elegant business sheet is designed with two aerodynamic packages at the collar. Depending on whether your E-Class has an AMG-Aero package or not, the tuner provides various spoilers, screens or diffusers that reduce the buoyancy on both axles, thus ensuring greater driving stability at high speeds.

Filled wheel arches
Driving dynamics help the men around the Brabus boss Bodo Buschmann of the E-Class with sport springs (about 30 millimeters lowering) or a control module for the daimlersche airspring on the jumps. There are light-alloy wheels in 18 to 21 inches. For the maximum filling of the wheel arches we recommend 9 and 10.5x21 inch round tires with 255 and 295er tires.

Up to 316 Diesel-PS
Thrust as much rubber under the business sedan, you might also want to take a look at the new Brabus performance enhancements. So far the auxiliary control units are available for three E-Class engines. In the E-200 petrol engine, Brabus increases the power from 184 to 225 hp, while the torque increases to 330 Newtonmeter. The best-selling variant, the 220d, provides the tuner with a performance of 27 hp and 50 newtonmeter, which now amounts to 231 hp and 450 newtonmeter. Properly it will be with the additional box D6 S, the E 350 d 51 hp and 100 Newtonmeter more. With now 316 bhp and 720 Newtonmeter according to Brabus in 5.7 seconds to 100 km / h.

More sound and much more leather
Irrespective of the engine, the Westfalen screw their stainless steel exhaust system with four tailpipes under the E-Class. In the case of the new, 400 hp strong AMG E 43 also with an inside-operated flap control. Apropos inside: Even if the Stuttgart business steamer has already ex factory a piekfeine furnishings, does not mean that Brabus can not add here still clearly. As usual, the personal requirements regarding leather, surfaces and accessories are virtually unlimited. Analogue to the ex-factory ambient lighting, the entrance panels can be illuminated in 64 different colors.