Senin, 26 Desember 2016

The Golden Box Flash


Throw the three terms "Mercedes", "Tuning" and "Breitbau" into a pot and stir vigorously, a Mansory will surely come out. How do we know? Well, the luxury tuning forge has again made a vehicle with a star and turned into a fairly wide and rather wild monster. Curtain up for the G-Class from Mansory.

Carbon Widebody
The project vehicle, which we see in the pictures, is an AMG G 63 with standard 544 hp. Mansory transforms the strongest G-Class with a wide-body kit into a real eye-catcher. Included are fender extensions, door panels as well as front and rear apron. All attachments are made of carbon and widen the off-road vehicle by four centimeters. Apart from the look, however, the price is also strong: around 22,600 euros are due for the add-on parts - without assembly, of course. In addition, a light-weight engine hood, a roof panel, a spoiler with position lights, door handles, spotlights and mirror housings are available from the light material.

23 inches? No problem
In order to be able to fill the wider wheel arches properly, Mansory installs 21, 22 or even 23-inch light-alloy wheels under the G-Class. Special touch: The wheel hub covers are always aligned horizontally. The maturity dimensions are also very powerful: 305-Gummis can only be found on absolute super sports cars.

Around 300 hp more
But Mansory would not be Mansory, if not under the hood of the G-Class properly what was going on. The G63's eight-cylinder biturbo is reworked with new pistons, connecting rods, conrod bearings, crankshaft and cylinder head and made fit for a brutal performance increase. Thanks to a new exhaust system, which G-typically emits in side tailpipes and a software optimization, the G 63 with Mansory-Kur instead 544 now 840 hp. The torque is electronically capped at 1,150 Newtonmeter. And this is probably also better so, one would not want to collect the individual parts of the drive shafts from the road at each traffic light start.