Sabtu, 10 Desember 2016

Sport springs for the VW Beetle Dune Wisp flatbugs


Lennestadt, 9 December 2016
Sports Springs? For a beetle? Well, it is not a forest-and-meadows beetle. But what was the VW Beetle Dune? Well, for example the Brittelspoiler, the 220 hp or the chic rims. Was the dunes beetle for the inner city ice cream appearance still missing, is a little draft. That's why the chassis specialist from H & R from Lennestadt look after.

40 millimeters lower
By means of specific lowering springs, H & R reduces the ground clearance of the beetle by 40 millimeters on the front and rear axles. It is not only the wheels of the VW somewhat sporty in the wheel arches, also the wank inclination of the vehicle is reduced. And finally, the steering behavior of the special beetle. The tighter springs also improve the look and driving dynamics. If that is not enough, you can also choose the "Trak +" track extensions, which make the rims of the dunes even further outwards and thus ensure a more sporty appearance.

Everything cleanly entered
All H & R parts for the VW Beetle Düne come with such an opinion to the retrofit options can be easily registered with the TÜV. For the springs H & R calls around 244 euro, for the track broadening is currently no price known.