Sabtu, 31 Desember 2016

Pure form thing?


My neighbor is enthusiastic: "Such an elegant car!" She says spontaneously at the sight of our last car, a current Opel Astra five-door in coconut brown metallic. The lady must know it, finally she drives the predecessor model. With great enthusiasm, she parked her car right next to GG-BO 162. Ideal, therefore, to make a first direct comparison. Finally, the new Astra has harvested a lot of pre-paid blueberries, was even voted to the car of the year 2016.

Optical evolution
It's immediately obvious: Opel has developed the previous Astra design further. Well so, because in contrast to the golfing archenemy of VW was so far each Astra generation completely differently designed. With the K-Modell, a roof line running somewhat flatter in the rear provides for less pummeling. At the same time, the Astra now no longer has any effect. Because quite honestly, the old edition always looked like Mitsuyota-Hondabaru-Kiadai. The cockpit is worlds tidier than the old Astra, although here also some Einwohnung does not hurt. What is noticeable, however, in the sunshine: the fine chrome trim strips, which are inherently fine, dazzle enormously, while at the same time the viewer is suffering from the touch screen. Also worthy of note are the rather small-scale displays of speedometer and speedometer, they are more easily readable in the Mokka X.

Once with everything, please!
Apropos: With the equipment, Opel did not let loose and gave us the great port round trip, cost point ex factory 27.490 euro. On board are, for example, the 900 IntelliLink Navi with eight-inch touchscreen as well as the fine EGR seats at the front including leather, massage function and ventilation. Well, we're talking about a compact car here! LED headlights and a front camera with traffic sign detection plus tracking assistant complete the whole. Stop! I almost forgot the smell. 50 euros costs the sniffing for sensitive olfactory bulbs. A reversing camera is already standard in the "Innovation" top equipment. This is also recommended, because the surcharge to the underlying level is only 800 euros. At our Astra you would be asked with at least 18.360 euro to the cash, because it has the single-liter turbo-benzine with 105 hp. Motto: Welcome to the three-cylinder club. But instead of the meager basic equipment (at least with air conditioning) it should at least the "Edition" for 20,180 euro be. It features a color touchscreen radio, rear parking sensors and cruise control.

With which it beept well
Cars that come to us over a long period of time are on holiday. More specifically, parts of the editorship, so our four-wheelers stationed in the parking garage devour the kilometers as the unforgotten bud spencer his beans with bacon. In the Opel Astra 1.0 alias "Three pots for a Halleluja" provided a tour in the Brittany for increased highway appetite. Our French friends have set a speed limit of 110 km / h. Good for fuel consumption, bad for the body, EGR seats back and forth. Rescue (at least for the driver) means massage. Theoretically, anyway. The button on the left of the driver's seat is as good as the amber room. While fooling around? D rather not. But this is the only coarse ergonomic problem in the new Astra. What drove us all into the madness were the parkpeters in front and behind. Okay, Opels compact with 4.37 meters in length and 1.81 meters in width is not everywhere the underground car park prince. Well, if there are sensors on the car. But the things already beep as far as the ECG of a patient with five kilos of ecstasy in the blood at a sufficient distance to the obstacle. This behavior has been going on for years through all the brands of the brand, whether it's the Insignia or the Mokka X. In all honesty, this makes for more unnecessary panic than it can help.

Three wins
How does it live with the three-cylinder turbo-benzine? The machine is very well insulated, only with the acceleration it rumort it with typical sound note. There is a minus point at the traffic light: Here the Astra needs something to get out of the mud. Once you have started driving, it does not go fast, but quite neat. Up to 160 pace it runs smoothly, over it becomes tough. But among us: If I want to beat 200 with the track, I take for it no 105-PS-Kompakten. One question remains open: Why does Opel not really give the sixth cylinder a sixth gear? All the more surprising is the consumption: despite changing drivers, the Astra stayed in the range with a six in front of the comma and delivered almost constant cuts between 6.0 and 6.3 liters. Respectable, although the engine was often required. 4.4 liters Opel officially announced, but this is as realistic as a beating scene of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Even at a tight highway speed of 160 to 180 km / h