Jumat, 16 Desember 2016

One electric charging unit


While you just have to be careful not to confuse gasoline and diesel when refueling, you have a lot of possibilities at the electricity store: at home or at the campsite abroad? What plug? With what intensity? For which supplier? Let us unravel the questionnaire:

Charging to the household socket is always, through a 230 Volt line fit but not even four kilowatts per hour. This is the case with most batteries overnight, but a quick charging operation can be forgotten. More juice can be won only at home with a wallbox. Up to 22 kW is possible if one has a correspondingly secured 400 Volt line. Such a wallbox costs, for example, at Smatrics 840 euros, including detailed advice in the run-up.

As a standard connector, the oval, 7-pole "Mennekes Type 2" plug has been used in Europe for AC charging up to 22 kW. In almost all electric cars, a cable with such a connector is standard equipment.

If you have to "refuel" abroad, you can go back to an ever larger network of charging stations. For example, Smatrics has more than 140 locations with 380 loading points, none of which is more than 60 kilometers apart. Other providers (Wien Energie, EVN, Kelag, etc.) are partly strong in the region but not represented in Austria. At the E-petrol station, there are only 22 kW, 43 kW (CHAdeMO) or even 50 kW (CCS) with direct current, with which more and more electric cars can start something.

Payment is made after the plug-in duration, even when the charging process is completed. This prevents you from forgetting too easily that others want to load. At Smatrics, there are different tariff packages for occasional and multiple loaders. It can be activated via a customer card or via QR code via the smartphone - this works even if you are not a customer at all.

From the second quarter of 2017, Denzel is planning a coup with the "Hyundai E-Tankkarte", which is intended to serve not only Ioniq customers, but also give owners of other e-cars access to the charging stations of the most important e-gas station providers - comparable to the well-known " Routex "card. Smatrics is also being negotiated.