Sabtu, 24 Desember 2016

Is this art or can that be gone?


It's with a Citroën C4 Cactus as with looking at an abstract image: Is it really nice, but I really want to have that at the door? And so we went during our several months of the C4 Cactus over a good 8,000 kilometers. No question: The conspicuous, 4.16 meter long car polarized.

I'd rather be different
Because the C4 Cactus is not just any VW Golf car, in which you enter, the key turn around and go off. Much more an individual work of art. The arrangement of headlights and LED daytime running lights could be from Picasso (after the Citroën actually vehicles), while the conspicuous air cushions (the "Airbumps", lovingly "Boppel" baptized by Dali) have been modeled. In any case, everyone is staring at the Cactus inmates. Either stealthily from the side window or quite obviously with finger pointing (particularly popular with children). Our Cactus did not even have an eye-cancer suspicious lacquer like the very yellow "Hello Yellow". Regardless of the color choice, the car is clearer than thought, you can look casually over the hood.

Cuddly atmosphere
When I sat in the Cactus, I thought to myself: What are these funny seats and why do I plunge into them? Even if they do not look like, the furniture has some of those Freischwinger armchairs, which can be found in the doctor's office or in the Museum of Modern Art. Motto: First "Naja", then "Aha". However, the width of the interior is worthy of note: if a strong passenger is on board, one gets closer, than one is dear. This is surprising, because the C4 Cactus is 1.73 meters much wider than a VW Polo, which is not a claustrophobic VW Polo.

Fancy, but not everywhere
In the top version driven by us the Cactus is very neatly furnished, for example with special surfaces in the cockpit, chrome or chic loops for pulling the doors. However, then already some 24,000 euros already migrate to the account of the dealer. Nevertheless, Citroën has unfortunately saved to obvious places: artistic liberties to and fro, but the five-speed circuit with the precision of a pudding belongs in no new car. The more regrettable is the fact that there is no automatic ex-factory, which would fit perfectly to the relaxed character of the C4 Cactus. Instead, the French offer only an automated gearbox called ETG, so the diesel however only 92 hp.

Practically, others can
The central touchscreen on the middle console looks great. But everything has to be regulated via menus. The regulation of the temperature takes so long. A separate climate control with real buttons would be better here and if a lot of displays, but then please what one can also read off in the sun. And why can the rear windows be exhibited, but not shut down? However, the culmination of construction schizophrenia culminates in the storage concept: the Cactus has a glove compartment in which you could store the weekend shopping of a large family, but only a single cupholder in the center console. The manufacturer also says the one-piece back rest saves weight. But it costs only a lot of nerves, if one wants them alone. Apparently, we were not the only critics of this solution, because now a split backrest is standard. After all, 358 liters in normal condition are a good value for the trunk due to the Cactus dimensions.

Splashy self-igniter
We were positively impressed by the engine. Although the diesel sounds like the cold start after delivery van, but we were always surprised, how spritzig and economical a 99-PS vehicle can be. After a total of 8,143 kilometers, 5.3 liters of average consumption were booked. No wonder, the 1.6-liter engine has yet to finish with only 1,145 kilograms. Once the light-weight tires are in motion, a level feels like a downhill ride. There is hardly anything to complain about the suspension comfort, because Citroën, thankfully, does not use huge rims. 17 inch Alus represent the maximum, in our test car were 16-inch mounted. The slightly rough 1.6-liter diesel in the stand stands at the low speeds in the background. But stop: What is the speed at all? A question that can not be answered so easily, because a speedometer is in vain. On the highway, on the other hand, a sixth gear would spare the hearing. If you do not like diesel or would like to save on the purchase, the three-cylinder turbofan with 110 hp is recommended.

The strenght is to be found in serenity
But character, weaknesses: The Frenchman calms down. It does not matter what the others think or about what the art critics once again discuss. You turn the backrest of the fabric seat, set the rear windows on the pull-out and just enjoy the French Ja-o