Minggu, 18 Desember 2016

Finally, a fresh air M2


Clearly, the BMW M2 is a fantastic car and drove 2016 with its lively nature and the agile handling in the hearts of many car fans. But what is missing on the factory side is a convertible. From the larger and faster M4, BMW also offers an open version. Well, there are resourceful tuners that fulfill our desires. Curtain on for the BMW M2 convertible of the Swiss company Dähler.

Up to 425 hp in the M2 convertible
On the basis of the M235i convertible, a detailed M2 replica with an open roof was created, which is in no way the same as the original. The muscular lines of the coupé are preserved as well as the fine details on the front and rear apron. But not only the look is right, but the convertible is also a real M, even under the beautiful sheet metal dress. More even: Dähler misses the standard 370 horsepowering and 465 Newtonmeter strong M2 engine depending on the customer one of two performance increases. With stage one it is on 408 hp and 580 Newtonmeter. This is enough for a 0-100 time of exactly four seconds and a top speed of 290 km / h. Stage two promises 425 hp and 610 newton meters. Conclusion is then only at hairstyling 300 km / h. If you want even more power, Dähler transposes the engine from the BMW M4 to the small convertible.

Even under the skin top
In order to be able to bring the significantly increased power of the M2 convertible to the road, the Swiss install a helical gear, which can be adjusted in the tension and compression stage and should provide on the road as well as on the race track for ideal handling. There is also an eight-piston high-performance brakes system, which can be brought back to the track even after the sprawling tempo orgies. Finally, there are some very useful additional displays in the interior, which always inform you about the current condition of the six-cylinder unit. Only criticism: A price for the expensive conversion is not yet.